The Junior League of Rockford, Inc. reaches out to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism. We welcome your interest and questions about joining our organization.

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New Members

New members of the Junior League of Rockford spend their first three months receiving training in voluntarism and education about the Rockford community. During this time, they also become acquainted with the Junior League’s structure and operation and are required to attend monthly General Membership Meetings, monthly New Member Class Meetings, and at least two League Committee Meetings. Other obligations include financial support of the League’s major fundraiser, as well as volunteering to support the League’s current projects. Annual dues for new members are $150.

Active Members

Active members in good standing are members who have met their project, financial, committee, meeting and fundraiser requirements.  Active members in good standing are entitled to all privileges of membership.  Active members are expected to attend all meetings of the general membership, required to assume one League placement commitment each year, and meet all volunteer and financial commitments as outlined in each year’s proposals. Annual membership dues for Active members are $150 and are due by April 1st.

Sustainer Members

A Sustaining member is a member who has served at least five years as an Active member.  A Sustaining member is encouraged to recruit new members to League. She may attend meetings.  A Sustaining member who is serving on the Board may vote at meetings of the Board.  A Sustaining member will pay annual dues.  A resident Sustaining member of this League may serve on a committee. A Sustaining member may vote during committee meetings. Sustainer dues are $100 and are due by April 1st.